The Solution

Initial Bill Analysis & Optimization

Instantly save 20-40%

Our line-by-line review of your invoices will significantly lower your bills and ensure your paying the least amount possible.

Monthly Management & Reporting

This is where the real value lies. Since your vendors constantly change, Mobilia reviews your invoices every month, saving time and money.


We’re your single source for everything telecom. Never waste time again. Our experts make sure your telecom needs are met and completed in a timely manner.

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The Benefits

Our Knowledge

By reviewing thousands of invoices we have bench marked pricing and know what you should be paying.

Our Experience

Many of our analysts have worked for many of the vendors you are paying, so we are experts in making sure you pay the least amount possible.

Our Resources

We use our time and resources to achieve savings, you have nothing to loose.

Risk Free

Your review is free, you choose which savings to implement, if any. We simply earn a portion of the approved Savings.

What we did

Our Company was Founded

23 January 2013

After working for mobile carriers for over 10 years and seeing the lack of help and transparency, he decided to be an ally for all those wanting help. He personally saw many times that their best interests were not put forward. So he quit his job at one of the top wireless companies and started Mobilia with the goal of reducing your telecom expenses and increase your cash flow.

First Major Contract

24 June 2013

After spending 6 months researching and discover the pros and cons of other cost reduction companies, Mobilia implemented the best practices in the industry. Offering our clients a truly no risk, win-win solution. With this goal in mind, we started our sales process in late June 2013 and landed 3 new clients.

3 Year Anniversary

23 January 2016

3 years later and well over 50 clients, we are still working hard to make sure our clients pay the least amount possible. We look forward to helping your company be among our happy clients.

New Services Added

15 February 2017

We now offer auditing and monthly management of wired landlines, data, and VOIP. We are now able to purchase Verizon devices for our clients. This helps our clients pay the least amount possible on devices and to make sure the devices are implemented correctly.

New Provider Solutions

25 April 2017

Achieve desired business outcomes through our portfolio of best-in-class solutions from industry-leading providers in the following categories:

  • Cableco
  • Hosted Infrastructure/Managed Services/COLO
  • Conferencing/Collaboration
  • Network
  • Contact Center
  • Telco
  • Payment Solutions

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What our clients say

Mobilia succeeded in achieving significant cost savings for our company. We look forward to the long-term, recurring cost savings Mobilia will achieve. If given the chance to do it over again, I would not hesitate to choose Mobilia.

Scott Slawson [email protected] Greenery, inc.

Mobilia took the time to examine the distinct needs of our wireless expenses. They knew how to target cost savings where recurring costs have a tendency to add up. I am glad to recommend Mobilia to companies wishing to save.

Tim Kennedy Vice [email protected] Construction

Mobilia has proved themselves worthy of their reputation as a skilled and experienced consulting firm, with a history of consistently finding savings for our business. I would like to strongly recommend Mobilia and their services.

Paul Middleton Human Resources [email protected] Post and Courier

I consider my company to be frugal, but there’s simply no way we could have devoted the resources to an internal review the way Mobilia could, with their staff and their expertise. I consider this one of the best choices I’ve made in business.

Melanie Wheeler [email protected] Branch Group, Inc.

We were very impressed with the professionalism of Mobilia’s team. The audit was not an intrusion, required no budgeting, and we are only paying Mobilia a percentage of savings found. They continue to manage our bills to make sure no unnecessary over-billing occurs. We appreciate everything.

David Zalcmann [email protected]

Who We Are

We are an telecom expense management firm focused on driving down your fixed costs. We are your partner in cost reduction. It is our goal to manage your expenses monthly driving down your fixed costs so that you can focus on the growth of your business.

  • We have a 98% success rate in finding our clients savings
  • No upfront costs, we only bill if we find savings
  • We are vendor neutral
  • We have your best interests at heart

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About us

At Mobilia, we help your company save money on your monthly expenses through monthly audits and negotiation with your vendors. We look for billing errors, best in class pricing, and being charged for services you either don't use or need. Since we have worked in the areas of business we focus on, we are familiar with the current pricing trends. This means that most likely you're not currently getting the best deal with it comes to your monthly rates. More important is that chances are this trend will continue and your company will miss out on even more savings by not having an industry expert looking out for you.

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