You Wouldn’t Ignore Cancer in Your Body…. So Why Ignore Overspending in Your Company?

If you had cancer wouldn’t you want to find out as soon as possible? Poor financial health is the number one reason companies falter or ultimately fail. With some simple screening, you can detect problems, which could ultimately lead to your demise.

Playing Doctor vs Hiring One

When it comes to paying for the goods and services that keep your business running such as equipment, data storage, waste, shipping, or even wireless communications, if you are overspending you are losing profit. Most companies have some systems in place but rarely are they screening and negotiating often enough to ensure they are getting the best rates.

Overspending is Like a Cancer

It happens in more companies than you think. Overspending usually stems from complacency with old contracts and vendors. Also, an overworked finance department does not thoroughly review service plans and invoices. Many are too afraid to be diagnosed, fearing the prognosis while hoping cancer will somehow go away on its own. But just like cancer, having an examination by a specialist as soon as possible is vital to your company’s health and well-being. Your very survival may depend upon it!

Additionally, undiagnosed and untreated overspending will slowly grow and quickly metastasize and affect all areas of your business. At this stage, radical and expensive procedures most likely will be necessary. Without an early diagnosis, left unchecked many companies simply don’t make it

Second Opinions Matter

Even if you are taking cost reduction measures in-house at your company, it never hurts to get a second opinion –particularly if there is no cost. You THINK your team is doing a good job—but wouldn’t you want to know for sure? Some cost reduction companies have industry experts by the field with years of experience in billing and invoicing in shipping, or software, or wireless / telecom, etc. Since cost reduction and negotiating is all they do they are in a position to view benchmark pricing for different industries all over the country. Worst case scenario you would confirm that your team is doing a great job and you are fiscally healthy. But what if they find some cancer that shows you are overspending by 10, 20, or even 40%. Wouldn’t you want to know sooner rather than later?

We find that well over 90% of all businesses suffer from this viral overspending. Mobilia offers a simple no-cost, no-obligation diagnosis of your company’s fixed spend in a variety of categories so you can know where you stand. Now that is a prescription for fiscal health!

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