Mobilia assists companies in enhancing their profit margins by cutting costs at the corporate level without changing their current vendors or level of service.

We do this at no upfront cost to you as our fees come out of the savings we find. Our services will never impact your company's budget. 


How it Works for You

It is a straightforward process to start enhancing your profit margins, cut costs and start using the extra cash flow to elevate your company.

Step 1

Free Audit 

Your review is free.  Our analysts have worked for many of the vendors you are paying, so we are experts in making sure you pay the least amount possible.

Step 2

Invoice Access 

You provide us with access to your invoices to begin working on a plan to save you money.

Step 3

Vendor Review 

Our line-by-line review of your invoices will significantly lower your bills and ensure you’re paying the least amount possible.

Savings Proposal 

Step 4

By reviewing thousands of invoices, we have benchmarked pricing and know what you should be paying.

Step 5


We cut costs without changing your vendors. You choose which savings to implement if any.

Monthly Management 

Every month we go line-by-line, making sure you never miss billing errors, time-sensitive promotions, and rate changes, which results in lost savings.

Step 6

Step 7

Get Paid

You get paid!  Plain and Simple.  You collect a percentage of validated savings every month.  How many of your vendors do that?


"The team at Mobilia were courteous and professional. They knew how to target cost savings where recurring costs tend to add up."

Tim Kennedy

Vice President,

Trident Construction

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to get a free audit to see how much cost savings you and your company can have.  Our last two companies saved almost 70%.  Contact us to find out how you can save 70% on some of your vendor billing.